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I teach businesses the real meaning of diversity and inclusion and how to obtain it in the workplace through the practice of Emotional Intelligence.

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We all have stories to tell that are valid and life changing. I tell mine and how I learned to overcome my self-limiting beliefs and fears to now help others do the same. Through engaging storytelling, I speak on how we can drive success in our personal and professional lives from a place of humanity.



I provide the psychology behind how we form our belief systems and teach mindset strategies to level up your business and life. Specialities include management coaching, leadership development, and embracing a diverse workforce. We'll work together to design a plan for success.



Customized workshops designed to achieve measurable business and/or personal goals. Available in person and via online with live coaching from me. It's not enough to have technical skills. Learn soft skills, mental tools and strategies, and tap into your authenticity to take your business to the next level!


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Client love

When it comes to the study and practice of Emotional Intelligence, Inez is ahead of her time. I was lucky to attend her workshop and was amazed to watch as her teaching had a positive ripple effect throughout my work and personal relationships. I am grateful to have discovered this emerging thought leader so early on. I have no doubt that Inez Barberio’s Emotional Intelligence practice will continue to grow and create a positive ripple effect out into the world.


At Rowan University, the School of Communications hosts an annual student and faculty event called the
Perfect Pitch. This event features a guest panel that addresses current issues in communication strategy.
This year, we focused on the difficulties that communication professionals are faced with in reaching a
diverse and inclusive audience in both the workplace as well as in their communication plans.
We approached Inez because of her extensive experience cultivating
strategies for business growth and success that includes increasing sales and productivity by building a
strong diverse and inclusive workplace. Inez’s knowledge, experience, and passion about this topic
along with her presentation and response to student questions turned out to be a perfect fit. Thanks
to her, the result was a truly successful event! We particularly liked how she was able to intertwine her
career and life experiences to engage the audience. Because she is so approachable and authentic, I found
working with her to be a great life and learning experience. I would recommend Inez Barberio to any
organization who is seeking to better understand the art of working with people to achieve their goals.
— Lou Rodolico, Department of Public Relations and Advertising Rowan University

Why work with me?

Building a strong foundation of communication and being open to new ideas from all members of an organization lead to greater success.

Throughout my life, I have worked in various careers that include the casino industry, hospitality, health and wellness, and corporate management. In my programs, I utilize all my work experiences both positive and negative to create a solid foundation for business growth and collaboration.

Increasing sales and productivity for businesses by building a strong diverse and inclusive workplace is an area I am passionate about. While many businesses are taking notice and building Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, numerous leaders are scrambling to fill quotas, but lacking the true meaning behind an inclusive program for success.

I teach the key ingredient to high level leadership in the workplace. Through my passionate and engaging speeches and workshops, I use the foundation of Emotional Intelligence to help individuals and businesses reach their fullest potential by learning how to identify their own core belief systems and navigating awareness of others.

I love what I do and am committed to helping businesses and individuals grow in a collective environment.

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