Emotional Intelligence and diversity inclusion for businesses

 Meet Inez



Growing up uniquely different from my peers as a Puerto Rican and Chinese girl, I struggled to find my identity through most of my life. My parents divorced when I was 13, though amicable, I truly felt alone. Though I never considered fitting in to any particular group, the positives of this story gave me the ability to be comfortable in many diverse environments and being open to different perspectives.

Since becoming certified in Emotional Intelligence (EQ) I have developed a passion to master EQ and live with a positive mindset and helping others celebrate their individual strengths. As founder of Inez Barberio, LLC I have developed practical programs to teach my clients how to live a fulfilling life that utilizes both their heads and their hearts.

I later designed the program CORE Growth Strategies that teaches how to strengthen your inner CORE for success through the foundation of Emotional Intelligence.

Living out my dream to live in New York, I graduated from New York University, earned a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications. I continued to face challenges of self-doubt and entered the corporate world, which was not the best fit for me. After getting married, I continued my studies and earned a Master's Degree in Education from Rowan University with concentrations in Elementary Education, Psychology, and Special Education. This is when I began to realize my passion in life of embracing who I am and helping others do the same.

I continued to enhance my studies by engaging in Cornell University’s Women in Leadership certificate program. I consider myself a student of my own practice and daily emerge myself into my craft to continuously strengthen my skills to help others.

I am extremely passionate about New York City as it embraces people all over the world. I also work in New York as a celebrity correspondent for the lifestyle and entertainment publication, Millennium Magazine. I learned to strengthen my communication skills through my interviews and focus my stories on the strengths of the celebrities I meet and look to bring out their real life personas to readers. 

I reside with my husband and two sons and love traveling the world.  Each summer I am blessed to embrace the food, people, and culture of Positano, Italy!

I believe in the good of the world, I believe in human potential, and I believe we can all live together in peace and harmony. Together we are stronger than any one single belief.
— Inez Barberio