Emotional Intelligence and diversity inclusion for businesses

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Keynote Speaking Topics and Titles

  • Creating a Positive Work Culture Through Diversity Inclusion

  • CORE Growth Strategies to Achieving Success in a Diverse & Inclusive Environment

  • Empathy - the Key Ingredient to High Level Leadership and a Successful Diversity Inclusion Program

  • Understanding the Real Meaning of Diversity Inclusion and How to Obtain it in the Workplace

  • Fitting into a Diverse World & Finding your Authenticity

  • Women in Leadership 

  • Emotional Intelligence / How this Soft Skill Set is Changing the World

  • The Bullying Effect / Using EQ to Help Our Children Navigate Life

  • Why People are Afraid of Diversity / Removing that False Sense of Fear

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Want to develop a positive workforce and stronger leadership?

My consultation services are designed for management and team leaders individually or in small group settings.

Together we work to identify problems within the organization and reveal self-limiting beliefs that may be holding leaders back from developing a collaborative work environment.

I guide you in creating a foundation with proper tools and skill sets to strengthen the awareness of yourself and others thus improving communication and innovation within the organization.

Services include:

  • Team development sessions both on and off site

  • Personal interviews and focus groups

  • Diversity and inclusion training

  • Ongoing consultation services for guidance of skill sets learned



My customized workshops are based on the needs of your organization and designed under the principles of strengthening your inner core through my method of CORE Growth Strategies for overall success.

Workshops are given in person at your workplace over a series of sessions specifically tailored to your time frame or via Zoom online conferencing via live classes taught by me.

Class members will have direct access to me via email in between class sessions for direct questions related to the workshop.

The goals of the workshop include:

  • Driving sales upward

  • Effective diversity inclusion planning for a positive work culture

  • Master employee and customer communication

  • Develop strong executive leadership skills

  • Decrease of employee turnover

  • Increase of mental clarity and productivity

  • Collaboration among employees of all levels


Client Love

When it comes to the study and practice of Emotional Intelligence, Inez is ahead of her time. I was lucky to attend her workshop and was amazed to watch as her teaching had a positive ripple effect throughout my work and personal relationships. I am grateful to have discovered this emerging thought leader so early on. I have no doubt that Inez Barberio’s Emotional Intelligence practice will continue to grow and create a positive ripple effect out into the world.
— Avi Loren Fox, Wild Mantle



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