Getting What You Want in Life and the Law of Attraction

Each one of us have our own desires and wants, but what separates those who receive it and those who do not, is all in the asking.  It has been stated that humans use 5% of their brain capacity in everyday life.  So what does the other 95% hold and what is it capable of? 

Through my studies of human behavior, I have found that philosophers, religious leaders, successful entrepreneurs, personal coaches, experts in metaphysics, inspirational speakers and more all have a common underlying practice which is the Law of Attraction. While some may use different words to describe it, all lead to the same conclusion that what you ask and believe, you will achieve.

This is not to say that you sit around on your couch, watching television that a million dollars will drop on your lap, but rather as you work to reach your desires, the universe shifts into placing you on the right path of doing so.

What you focus on, expands.  For instance, if you are single and constantly complaining that you will never find the right person, all the good ones are taken, dating is such a chore, time is running out, that is exactly what you will receive.  You are telling the universe that is what you believe and the universe does not disappoint.  Instead of focusing on what you don't have, start believing that you already have it.  Start with your thought, "I am in an amazing relationship," then feel as if you are already in that relationship, and believe it that it is coming.

How we train our minds to see the world makes a huge impact in our lives.  Having constant negative mindsets leads to stress which is the number one killer.  Each day take the time to train yourself to look for the positives and be aware of how you are thinking and wording your thoughts.

If you are trying to lose weight, don't say it out loud.  Rather, tell yourself each day that you are grateful that you are at your goal weight and in perfect health.  By focusing on the desired result and having a positive mindset, you will see yourself shift to become a happier person with less stress and more fulfillment in life.  You begin to move around more, build endurance, enjoy healthier food options and before you know it, you will achieve your desired weight.

The Law of Attraction is quite simply manifestations of our desires.  Use your thoughts to manifest what you want.  When you find yourself speaking in a negative way, reset your mind and change it.  All too often, we spend our life focusing on what is wrong.  Do not fall into the ego mindset. Remember, Emotional Intelligence is focusing on what is right! 

 To help yourself visualize, make a vision board of your desires.  It can be the house you want to live in, your dream vacation, the perfect body, a happy relationship, abundance of is all up to you!  Look at it everyday and visualize yourself already achieving what you want.

 Personally  I used to live my life complaining about what I didn't have and cast blame on others for what I lacked.  When I learned to take accountability for my own life, my relationships with my family, my career, my health, my friendships, then all of it began to change.  I focused on what I wanted and believed I was already in possession of all my wants and desires.  As I continued this practice, everything just started falling in place.  I began randomly meeting the right people, opportunities showed up from nowhere, I would receive an email that would lead me to the next step, and my home life grew stronger and more positive with each passing day.

Be aware of your thoughts as well as your actions.  You want to do and say what you desire.  The best way to begin is to decide to feel happy today!  I understand that many of us are experiencing difficult situations in our lives whether it is with our health, difficulties with work, financial problems, unhealthy relationships, etc.  I am here to tell you that all of it can change for the better.  Why continue to drown yourself in sorrow and negativity when we have the ability to live an abundant life filled with happiness.  All we have to do is choose it, feel it, believe it and be open to receive it!

 I want to share will all of you something I am currently manifesting.  I am in the process of writing my book which is a combination of my memoirs and how I use Emotional Intelligence to wake up feeling successful everyday.  In my book, I share the many struggles in my life that I faced and overcame.  The reason I took as long as I did to live happily was because I did not believe in myself.  Once I took the steps to self -love and believing, my life changed dramatically!  So in essence, I am manifesting to be a best selling author.  "I am happy and grateful that I am a #1 New York Times best selling author." I repeat this to myself day after day! 

Make a decision now to end negative self talk.  Change your thoughts and words to abundance, fulfillment and positivity!  The universe is listening!

 Much love,
Inez xo

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