Travel and Emotional Intelligence - My Amalfi Coast Adventures

Earlier this summer I had the opportunity to spend three glorious weeks in the Amalfi Coast and Capri.  It's funny how many of my friends asked how could I possibly vacation that long and be away from home.  My question to them is, if given the opportunity, how can you not?

Though you may not realize it, traveling and Emotional Intelligence definitely goes hand in hand.  One must have the right mindset when going through the long hours of travel and airports to keep a smile on your face.  Of course there is the excitement of leaving home and visiting a beautiful country for any length of time, but add in the delays, missed connections, lost luggage, jetlag, new language, and stress from family members, one must keep their EI high in order not to go through an emotional breakdown!

So that is exactly what I faced my first day of travel.  Feeling incredibly blessed and excited to return to Positano I arrived at the airport with my husband and younger son ready to go.  All was well, until that first delay that turned into a second and ultimately a third.  Knowing that our connection in Paris was only a two hour layover, I knew we were going to miss our plane.  Being an educator and EI enthusiast, I kept my spirits high and modeled gratitude to my family for just being able to go to Italy.  My positive energy paid off as the flight we missed in Paris put us on the next flight which happened to be the same flight as my friends who were joining us from California!

Upon reaching Naples airport, I watched our first two pieces of luggage come in on the conveyor belt.  Then as we waited for the third, I soon realized it was not going to arrive.  We went through the process of filling out the paperwork to locate the suitcase, which contained all my make-up and toiletries, and headed out the airport to search for our driver.

The universe had a mission of testing me that day as our driver was nowhere to be found.  I called our car service who insisted he was there.  My son noticed a man with a sign of our car service, but with a different family name on it.  My husband chatted with him and after a couple of phone calls, we realized our driver had mistakingly taken his passengers. 

 Once the confusion cleared, we were on our way to our Villa in Positano.  After some traffic, we arrived to one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen. To my surprise, our Villa was directly over my favorite restaurant Da Vincenzo! 

 Looking out on our terrace, I felt great that my positive frequency led me to beauty beyond words!  This is where I would spend the next couple of weeks before heading off to Capri!  I had passed the test the universe was given me and was ready to live among the locals as an Italian!

With three weeks of amazing experiences to share, I shall continue on during the next few weeks with tips, restaurants, outings and of course amazing photos!

Remember, the mind becomes what you tell it!  Keep your energy high and positivity will come your way!

 Ciao for now!
Inez xo