Time to "Reset"

Happy New Year 2018!  As we head into our second week of the new year, many of us have set new goals and resolutions for ourselves. I heard on the radio this morning that by the end of January, 70% of new years resolutions will be forgotten.

 So what can we do to keep us accountable with our goals and life changes?  A very important factor is how our goals are worded.  Are you telling yourself that this year you want to lose 20 pounds or that you are losing 20 pounds?  Do you want to start your new business venture or are you starting your new business?  At first the simple change of words seem so unimportant, but how we speak to ourselves makes a big difference.  So much of it is mental, and great place to start is by letting go of toxicity, negative labels, and subconscious belief systems that hold us back.

Last month, my friend Jacqui Phillips gave me a copy of her new book "Reset...6 Essential Resets to a Healthier Happier You."  Looking at Jacqui, there is a beautiful, confident, fearless woman.  Yet, she suffered many years of struggles with her finances, health, and relationships to get to the success she is today.  As I read through the pages of her book, I felt so much inspiration for my own journey in life.  Jacqui went through an abundance of setbacks, yet is now living the success that she set out for.  She shares her personal story and takes accountability for all her own mistakes of the past, but did not identify herself with her failures.  Instead, she learned from her mistakes, made a personal commitment to reset her life to how she wanted it to be, and ultimately has used her story and success to help others reach their personal goals.  

"Reset" digs deep into six categories of fitness, relationships, emotions, finances, appearance, and faith.  Jacqui's experiences with each are shared in detail and how she overcame the difficulties through her faith in God.  Her book is truly inspirational and I love the transparency of it as well.

Throughout life, we will be faced to reset in one or many aspects of life.  Granted, all can be achieved.  First and foremost you must tell it to yourself and believe it.  The law of attraction teaches us that what we focus on we receive.  If you are looking to lose weight and look amazing in your bikini this summer, actually picture yourself on the beach wearing that bikini.  Don't focus so much on losing the weight, but rather the end result you are trying to achieve.  What you are doing here is letting go of a negative belief and replacing it with a positive one.  Use affirmations starting with "I am."  I am healthy, I am strong, I am a winner, I am successful, I am fit, I am full of abundance...

The mind is so powerful!  If you fail the first, second, or third time, don't give up.  Look at how and why you failed and learn from it.  This past year, I learned so much about myself and how to become better, stronger, and more confident.  I continue to nurture my mind with positive thoughts and knowledge everyday.  What we feed our mind grows.  Do not let other people tell you that you cannot succeed.  That is their own insecurities talking.  Never allow someone else's negative label stick to you.  Be strong enough within yourself and have faith knowing that you are capable of great things.

 Too many of us get frustrated when things don't go as planned when we expect it to.  Just take one step at a time.  Think about what you are doing and why.  Surround yourself with people who are encouraging and inspire you to do more (trust me, they exist)!  Read books that motivate you and stay away from toxic television.  If you see and hear something enough, you tend to believe it, so make sure you feed your mind with positive programming.

So this year if you are looking to be healthier, earn more money, have stronger relationships, learn a new trade, write a book, do it!  Tell yourself you can!  Focus on the positives in life and get rid of negative thinking.

This year I am growing my business and expanding my speaking engagements, writing my book, eating healthier and helping as many people as  I can to be their true authentic selves.

Be excited for your life! I sure am!

Much love,
Inez xo