Positano Love and Some of my Favorite Places!

Aside from the stunning views, delicious food, and perfect weather, what I love most about Positano is the people.  Having the opportunity to live in an Italian Villa for two weeks among the locals in town, I was able to truly immerse myself in the loving culture of this lively yet serene coastal town.

Daily practice of Emotional Intelligence certainly assists in making travel less stressful, however, I found Positano to be filled with positive energy everywhere I went.  Perhaps any negative vibes were outshined by my positive frequency, but I was blessed with so many warm and loving people that made me truly feel at home.

If  and when you have  the opportunity to visit the Amalfi Coast and Positano, here are some of my favorite places to visit.

For handmade sandals, I absolutely love La Botteguccia located down the center of town.  There are plenty of unique and beautiful designs to choose from.  My friend even designed her own sandals, which the shop owner happily made for her.  Aside from the beauty and craftsmanship, the sandals are super comfy to stroll around the streets of Positano!

For dining options, there are too many to choose from.  My top favorites are as follows:

DaVincenzo: I dined here at least four times during my visit!  The gnocchi is delicious, however my ultimate favorite meal is the pasta with braised short rib!  A family owned restaurant, as most are, this is a place you definitely do not want to miss!  I strongly suggest making dining reservations ahead of time as it is quite crowded every day of the week!  My son was happy to see our friend Raffaele again as we first me two years ago dining here.

Chez Black: This is a popular restaurant located off the beach.  The handsome and cordial Gianfranco can be found working as well as chatting with guests.  A popular place to find celebrities and the food is divine!  May I suggest trying the popular sea urchin pasta!  Definitely a fun place to dine in the open air and great for families, large groups or simply a table for two!

Da Adolfo:   This is a must to visit.  A very casual beach restaurant where you have to take a small boat with the red fish on top to reach.  The skipper of the boat will only bring you if you have a reservation, which can be quite difficult to get due to its popularity and the fact that they never answer the phone!  You may have to get creative securing a reservation.  If you are among the lucky, wear your swimsuit and be prepared for the most delicious seafood!  My favorites dishes are the sea bass, arugula and tomato salad, and the pasta with pesto sauce!

Marina Cucina:  While the lively Marina Cucina has a small restaurant in an old convent, I had the pleasure of having her cook for my family and friends in our Villa.  She is everything I would expect from an Italian Chef and more and was filled with positive energy.  Not only is her lemon chicken and fresh bruschetta the best I have ever had, her amazing energy and laughter will keep you smiling for days!  I will definitely dine at her restaurant during my next visit!

Buca di Bacco:  How fun it was to take a cooking class in the restaurant of Hotel Buca di Bacco!  We learned how to make fresh gnocchi in pesto sauce, pizza, fried eggplant, and almond chocolate cake.  Trust me, this was one the highlights of our vacation.  Chef Andrea Ruggiero and his staff were splendid and even our four boys (ages ranging from 9-12) had a spectacular time!  Not sure if it was the Chef's special touch or our sprinkles of love and laughter, our food was AMAZING!

Of course while in Positano one must take in the sun at the rocky beaches.  My ultimate favorite is Fornillo Beach and the beach restaurant Da Ferdinando.  Sitting under the yellow and green umbrellas, you can also rent a paddle boat perfect for kids.  One of the bonuses of my many visits to Fornillo Beach was the strolling massage therapist, Lilly who gave me one of the best massages I have ever had!  Being a certified massage therapist, I know a good massage when I get one!  There is a boat you can catch from the port of Positano to Da Ferdinando if you do not want to walk along the mountain and sea.  When dining be sure to order the mozzarella and tomato, superb! 

All the locations I listed have the warmest and friendliest people who made all of us feel we were part of their big Italian family!  I would love to hear from you with any experiences or suggestions you may have from Positano.

I will share more tips for things to do and travel wise in my next blog!

Much love,
Inez xoxo

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