My Love of Positano and EQ

Well, it's that time again when I head back to my home away from home.  Amazing how quickly the last year came and went.  My father always told me that the older you get, the quicker time goes, thus why it is so important to enjoy every moment in life.

As you may recall, last summer was quite the journey to get to Positano.  With a delayed flight, lost luggage, missed connection, mix up with our driver and long travel times, the universe was definitely testing my mastery of Emotional Intelligence.  I recall being very aware of how I was feeling throughout the process of traveling and did my best to set a good example on remaining calm in front of my husband and son.  Trust me, having three overtired, hungry, frustrated Barberio's was the last thing we needed!  On the contrary, by staying in the moment, being grateful for the opportunity to return to the Amalfi Coast and keeping my energy in a positive space all attributed to keeping my husband and son calm themselves.

 I do admit that I felt myself getting grumpy on our drive to our Villa from the airport as it was my suitcase that was lost.  To combat the negative feelings, I meditated in the car during our drive and once we arrived in beautiful Positano, I could not help but to feel an overwhelming sensation of love, gratitude and happiness!

The following day my luggage was found and delivered to me.  There was some serious manifestations happening the night before!  But if you think about it, getting upset and frustrated would have created a domino effect of more bad things to happen.  By me staying in a place of gratitude, it kept my family calm and hopefully teach them how to respond when something does not work out as planned.

So, now for the fun part!  I am so excited to be returning to Positano next week!  From our frequent summer visits, we have made friends with many locals who we will be spending our time with this summer.  Often I am asked why we continue to visit the same place every year and the answer quite simply is because we love it!  We love the food, the people, the beauty and simplicity!  As often as we have visited, we continue to find more areas along the Amalfi Coast new for us to explore!  

This year we will be hiking the Path of the Gods, exploring Nerano, heading high up the hills of Ravello and going to a lemon farm to name just a few.  We will also be spending our final week in Rome this year to revisit some of our favorite city spots and taking my son Matteo to the Scavi Tour below the Vatican.

Throughout the years I have noticed more and more bloggers visiting Positano and sharing their beautiful photos and their list of what to do!  I will be posting daily on my Instagram @InezNYC of the postcard worthy sights and share with you some of my favorite places as well as my take on places I have not visited in the past (can't wait to return to one of my faves Da Adolfo and my first visit to Franco's Bar at Le Sirenese)!

To avoid missed connections this year, we are flying directly to Rome as opposed to Naples as there are no direct flights from the U.S. to Naples, Italy.  We are then having our driver meet us at the airport and take us directly to Positano.  While taking the train is an option for many, I tend to overpack and it's best that I go by car!  Astarita Car Service is my go to as the owners Barbara and Antonio are two of the most loving and kind people you will ever meet!

An important aspect of being Emotionally Intelligent is learning how to take time to recharge yourself.  I am blessed to be able to do so in Italy.  Arriverderci and "see" you soon!

Much love,
Inez xo