"Beautiful Money" and So Much More

In my journey to success in life, I make sure to make time each day to read and learn.  As an avid reader of all things positive, I want to share with you the latest book I read called "Beautiful Money" written by Leanne Jacobs.

I was first introduced to Leanne Jacobs by my mentor, Jen Groover this past summer at her book launch in New York City.  In the basement of Lululemon at Hub 17, Jacobs had a panel of amazing women who all shared their stories on wellness, financial success, and being the best version of themselves.  I was instantly drawn to their high frequency and authenticity.

"Beautiful Money" is so much more than financial success.  Jacobs takes a beautiful approach to achieving success in a very holistic way.  She breaks down how to reach financial wellness through a detailed four-week makeover where she provides personal examples from her own life.

What I loved most about this book is that it is not a traditional financial guide, but rather a lesson on understanding who you are as a person.  While the foundation of her book is increasing your net worth, Jacobs lovingly teaches how to live with  purpose, clean out the clutter of  your life, letting go of distractions and self-limiting beliefs, and making your dreams a reality!

The wisdom that Jacobs shares is relatable to anyone no matter what stage you are in your career or personal life.  "Beautiful Money" stresses that one must be in alignment to welcome wealth into our lives.  This is done through removing toxicity from your life, letting go of self-doubt, creating a positive and energetic space, among many other steps she gives.

As an Emotional Intelligence educator, I was excited to be able to learn so many new principles to apply in my own life.  Unlike many books I have read, Jacobs goes deep and you truly feel her energetic presence speaking to you and rooting for you to succeed.  As I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet Jacobs in person, as I read, I felt she was by my side guiding me through the steps.

Something interesting I found worthy is Jacobs' positioning on the "haters" in our lives.  As we achieve more success, whether it may be in relationships, finances, physical health, emotional wellness or any aspect in our lives, there will always be people around us that want to bring us down based on their own fears and insecurities.   It is important to learn how to deal with negative energies and remove them to allow abundance and wealth flow into our lives.  Jacobs beautifully writes how to use these experiences as opportunities and bullet points ways on how to address the haters.

The forever optimist that I am, I wholeheartedly believe that beauty comes from within and we have the power to share this beauty and bring more positivity to the world.  As Jacobs writes, "love is the very foundation of truth and of Beautiful Money."

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